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    Alex clowes (Wednesday, 28 November 2018 00:00)

    Thanks for the heads up everyone..�� can’t recomend my producer enough...James colah est 1989. Really good & fair rates.. really knows his musicians really need to stick together against these fake scammers ruining the music scene..

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    Deila (Monday, 26 November 2018 21:02)

    Thank you very very much, I was about to go to the audition, but thanks to you I changed my mind. I feel really bad right now, because I thought I was finally getting noticed. Maybe someone know how to start my career?
    Please email me some advice I would be really grateful.

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    Alicia (Saturday, 03 November 2018 03:01)

    I had my audition today and was told exactly the same thing. Upfront payment, 1900 contribution. Thank you thank you thank you for the heads up guys. If anyone know a legitimate company looking to help artists like us please email me on

    Big hug and good luck guys

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    Beth (Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:18)

    I searched for something like this before my audition and just did not see this - but it confirms absolutely everything I felt in my gut. Daniel was OVER complimentary and im sure he thinks i missed his eyes light up when I said this was my first experience of anything like this. The other warning sign was that he made a HUGE deal about how many people audition and how few are "chosen"... went through the instagram and don't get me wrong, the previously "selected" people are all good but I'm talking, VERY average good. Some without being mean are plain tone deaf which is upsetting as they have been given false hope for a dream that just wont happen. Looks for these guys on company check and they have had at least 5 companies dissolved with the same business plan. They're bread and butter is overcharging hopeful artists for mediocre songs and recordings that go absolutely no where. Do not do it.

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    Cooper (Wednesday, 17 October 2018 02:28)

    I have also been contacted by this company after auditioning and Daniel said he was interested in working with me. Said I had 1 day to pay the deposit (£370) which would come off the total price £1900. Was put off by the price and decided to research to see if they are actually a legit company. Glad I've seen this before wasting my time and money

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    Maz (Wednesday, 26 September 2018 22:18)

    I auditioned around a week ago, just got the call today telling me I was one of the chosen ones although I sensed it was a scam from the start . Part of me wanted to believe that there was hope. After seeing these posts it confirmed my suspicions and sobered me up.
    I will be telling ian/Daniel that I'm not coming to sign up.
    Now I'm furious that he tried to play me like that.

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    TIFF (Thursday, 20 September 2018 22:28)

    p.s. Ben, if you know good record studios that is really helping artists in London, can you please write to me at
    I don't want to be scammed again with false dreams... thanks in advance!

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    TIFF (Thursday, 20 September 2018 22:24)

    I thought they didn't picked me as there's a lot of artists in London..
    Today I got a call.after a week.
    "congratulations, we chose you as one of the artists".
    I was very happy, but they said that i have to pay 370 pounds upfront. That seemed weird, but i didn't think of nothing as they have an official RSartists http page, couldn't find anything suspicious, all reviews online was great.
    until i found This Article! jesus
    My family is struggling with money, thank god i read this.....
    disappointed... i really believed i have a future in the music industry... shame....
    Thank You, Ben, for warning me, all of us.

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    G (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 14:56)

    Entertainment industry* not agency lol

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    S (Saturday, 15 September 2018 18:42)

    What a shame. I am so glad that i listened to my friends words of caution. I love singing and music so much so any advice for a youngen to get into the inustry without selling her soul?

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    Ben (blog owner) (Monday, 25 June 2018 17:30)

    Ok so it’s been some time now since I posting this warning regarding this scam outfit. I lost count of how many times they’ve changed their name but be assured that the scam practice remains.
    Anyway as a great way to conclude this with the news that for the past year my daughter has been 1/3 of pop group M.O and their debut single Bad Vibe peaked at number 18 in the official charts. This followed her appearance on xfactor which she reached boot camp. Now she has been performing in various television shows such as BGMT, Blue Peter, BBC not to mention interviews and promotions on capital fm, kiss fm, bbc radio 1 and many more. She also performed at v festival, limf, tramlines festival, Nickelodeon slimefest. She performed in Ibiza and set to tour very soon. Without going into ALL the successes my daughter has gained because of her talent... let’s just say this has to be the ultimate proof that this company couldn’t spot talent if it landed on their mothers in a bright pink spaceship screaming Highway To Hell through a traffic cone. As for my daughters. Watch this space.

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    Newbie (Wednesday, 25 April 2018 00:54)

    Exact same thing happened to me, nearly word for word what people have discussed; they approached me on a performing site, asked for the money upfront, called the next day after the audition to say I was one of the 5 selected after 250 auditions this month.
    “Dan” told me he was managing director of the company RSArtists and that I would need to confirm my place within 24 hours. I said this feels all to rushed and pushy and I’ve never had to pay for my work before. Dan was taken aback when I said I wanted to know more about the company and that he hasn’t answered all my questions so it didn’t sound legit (before I even saw this thread!). Even after all this, he kept dodging questions and he told me to call him tomorrow to confirm my place or to come in to see them with the money. Nope.

  • #106 (Wednesday, 14 March 2018 20:21)

    Phew!! Thank God I found this site right on time. Exact same scma was about to happen to me and my gut feeling said , check them out under scam artist. And boom! what do we have, a whole exposé dating back to almost a decade! :)
    How is it that they're allowed to change their names and continue ii n their crimes? So sad really. Sorry to those who fell victims. They're supposed to get 370 from me this Friday, lol. I guess Daniel will have to wait until hell freezes over, lol.

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    curious (Saturday, 27 January 2018 11:49)

    ALSO! You still pay for studio/producers/A&R/Assistance etc. when you're signed, when you sign a contract say for 1 mill (like the big deals i.e. interscope, universal) this is a LOAN. You will need to pay it back through sales!

    Music industry is a lot like sales, you're selling yourself, your work etc. Everything make out of sales will go straight back to the label. It's not until you're really successful that you start seeing a penny.

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    curious (Saturday, 27 January 2018 11:45)

    Is this Ian guy, Ian De Sylva? A musician himself? I mean the only thing that really takes me back on their page is the lack of success, only 2 signed artists (who'm I've never heard of) & these campaigns they speak of? Where's the evidence for it?

    No label would charge however technically they don t promote themselves as a label as such but a development company. It's like this if you need help with funds you'd pay a financial advisor and there are some legit development companies that help artists like courses that you pay for however you wouldn't need to audition as you're paying for a service.

    1800 for TWO sessions at a studio? Come on people! This is why you need to look into other studios and see how much they charge and I can assure you it wouldn't be that much, I did work in Bristol at studios and some of these producers would charge 30-50 per session, some offer EP packages etc. If you have 1800 to pay these people then use that money to go studios for yourself.

    These people will go bust again as they've been dissolved before, they clearly don't understand scamming isn't a longterm business and money always runs out. They don't have the connections they make out because if they did they would be in business through those connections and making money off them rather than starving artists.

    This industry is full of devils, I mean truth is you can be scammed by big time labels themselves, look at artists like Rita Ora and def jam, Porcelain Black and red one, Brooke Candy, RCA. Although they had videos/music on iTunes they were held back in their careers.

    Prince says himself these contracts is signing up for slavery. A lot of artists are speaking out about the shadiness of the business. All a label is good for is funding for better quality production i.e. music/videos/promoshoots, connections to producers, promo. All these things you can do yourselves, there are many high calibre producers/sound engineers around if you dig hard enough.

    Don't let these ass holes drag you down, keep going! Think of all the artists who've made it that have had to go through the same things as this to get to where they are.

    God bless!

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    Anna (Thursday, 25 January 2018 23:29)

    Hi guys thank you so much for doing this. They make you feel really special and describe the deal to you as being amazing, and a really good deal. But its not. If a company believes in you they will fund you to do stuff then make money from the stuff you do instead of asking for money straight away. Thankfully i haven't put any money down and you guys on here rly saved me!!! Thank you!!

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    Lucina Luchii (Monday, 27 November 2017 15:13)

    Hi guys,

    Downtown have now changed there name to RS Artists, I can confirm this due to my music being broadcast-ed on there new website when i left earlier on this year, due to being messed around.

    I would suggest that unless you like chucking money away to not go with them!!!
    I am 18 and I feel like a right mug, I was first contacted by them in the summer of 2016 and I got my hopes up instantly, I was so happy that someone was finally listening to my music.

    However a year down the line I feel like a right mug! My parents money has gone down the drain and payed the wages of the people ripping us off!!
    However I did come out with 2 singles, Even though they where released (uncompleted) without my permission.
    I am still very proud of what I have produced, however I find it very cheeky they are still broadcasting my music on there website! I believe (Correct me if i'm wrong) that the contact would be voided if the company itself went bust?? Therefore they have no right to be displaying my music.

    If you go onto RS Artists you can clearly see my song being advertised (Lucina Luchii - Fly High) They are still making money off my songs... that I wrote and I haven't received a penny from them!

    Let me know what you think!


    Lucina Luchii

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    Oliver James (Wednesday, 25 October 2017 04:53)

    This is unbelievable the amounts of people this company has ripped off. I had the same experience in 2012-2013 after making 2 original tracks and I thought I got scammed badly at £1,500, but some of you have paid 2-3k for the same thing?! They obviously have no price on what they're willing to steal from you. This should be put a stop to once and for all! I feel sorry for the talented music producers who created fantastic tracks and then have to send you to Dexter or Katie Maccan or some other idiot who isn't good enough to help promote you. Yeah the truth is Katie Maccan is a shit singer who wasn't good enough, so she sits in the receptionist seat answering phone calls and emails feeling jealous of everyone, because she was never talented enough herself!!! And Dexter is the biggest flaw in the company creating cover art that a 5 year old could produce!

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    Karma. (Wednesday, 04 October 2017 04:40)

    Hello Ian. I know you are reading this. There shall be no peace for the wicked. I am coming for you. Look behind all the time.

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    voice of reason (Saturday, 09 September 2017 22:23)


    D/A (formerly Downtown artists, formerly play studios) and now the NEW NAME Regent Street artists.

    I Know a few of the featured artists you see on their site and can confirm none of them are wealthy. those kids worked hard to get their money to pay for the studios and got the exact same form of disrespect. NONE of those artists work with them anymore, they simply keep the names and faces as a back up for their money making scam.

    sure they provide the experience of recording professionally and having two songs but they do NOTHING to promote, nothing to elevate or develop artists. they just take money and let them use their studios. once the music is done they never heard from downtown again. try chasing them and they ignore emails/calls especially when they've received all the money...

    find an independent producer or just a recording studio and develop yourself. theres youtube, Soundcloud social media. market yourself don't pay these people not to do it for you...

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    none (Saturday, 09 September 2017 22:11)

    SEAN! Regrants is the NEW NAME of d/a artists. it is the exact same company just changing names yet again. be wary!

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    Sean (Friday, 11 August 2017 22:04)


    I been offered a development deal after an audition by an Ian from Reagents Street Artists, a production company in Soho.

    Are they the same company as Downtown Artists and Play ???? that dissolved. I was offered a similar deal with them asking money and declined to sign.

    Am asked to pay a deposit of £370 in by monday + £120 ×13 more installments for two studio recordings, a video promo, filmed studio performance, album cover, and pr via partner.

    Sounds suspiciously odd and just fact checking in case I am paranoid as some say.


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    michael smith (Thursday, 27 July 2017 23:35)

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    Thank you and God bless

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    Laurence Hobbs (Thursday, 22 June 2017 01:00)

    Hi all,
    I co-run Charthouse music, who like D/A do artist development, but that's where the similarity ends.
    It's so sad that there are so many horror stories on this board. Music should be something that is joyful and fulfilling and there are companies and people who just leave a bad taste in the mouth . Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with charging for recording services,(we do) what I do have a problem is with promising things that they just cant deliver or just blatantly lying which is unacceptable at best, but to do it to singers who are generally inexperienced about the music industry is abhorrent. My advice to everyone is anyone charging you money (including us) ....beware! Find out who they've worked with, what success they've had and look at their reputation and honesty. As we know everything and everyone can be found online so there should be no excuse for not finding out, as you all have done on this board.
    As for us at Charthouse, yes we do charge for artist development but we offer free advice and help to anyone, there's no 'sell' or 'deposit' to do our program its about genuinely wanting to help artists because as a team at Charthouse we've all been there so we know how hard it is! Good luck to you all.

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    Prefer to not to say (Monday, 05 June 2017 13:17)

    I was at Downtown Artists and Katie Biddiss/ Katie Maccann was a bully. She used to blank me purposely and speak sarcastically when she did acknowledge me. I remember when she asked me to put a wedge under the door for her in a bitchy way. She always used to rudely interrupt my sessions with the producer. She was there to try and ruin people's dreams rather than manage them. I really hope that it will be a 'what goes around comes around' situation for bullies like her.

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    Angry (Friday, 31 March 2017 11:42)

    A money making scam, ran by arsholes doing no work.

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    A student (Friday, 10 February 2017 10:14)

    I am so sad that I find this now...
    My parents game me their last money to this company because they believed I had it in me and because they wanted me to succeed.
    I recorded two amazing songs there, but agree with absolutely everything that is written so far.
    After my promotion meeting, I was disgusted, fully realizing how these guys work - they are full-time liars.
    I told him I do not have the money for a music video, and suddenly he replied he has a meeting and asked me to leave immediately, not even allowing me to put my coat on, sending me off with a huge smile on, enjoying obviously "kicking me out". Haven't heard from these pricks since.
    I truly hope more people will find this link, I will do my best to spread it.
    I do not really have anything else to add, as it has all been written - I only have bad words, but I will keep them for me.

    PS: I worked with Sean (the producer) and he was amazing - if you still want to record, I suggest you choose him.

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    enya sophia (Sunday, 15 January 2017 01:57)

    I have the same experience.

    I really want to complain.
    Has anyone complain. who did you contacted
    although I have paid everything, this unfair and I want them to be abillieshed, this is a crime. Please help me in terms of successfully complaining and ot just waste my time with them again.


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    saqib (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 20:42)

    I got a call today and was told I am selected out of so many I wont be joining I think

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    Mike R (Tuesday, 11 October 2016 11:54)

    Be that as it may Ed, its sad that only 1 artist has seemed to have made something out of their time with them.

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    Ed Sheeran (Thursday, 08 September 2016 22:18)

    I recorded a few tracks with these guys back in 2008 and I'd say I'm doing pretty well now. I open up at the Dog and Duck in Basingstoke on a Tuesday evening and old Kev says I could be the next best thing. I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for Ian who is obviously just passionate about his work. Anyone that says anything less about him should be taken out into Soho high street and shot.

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    Moe (Thursday, 08 September 2016 21:56)

    The Owner of "D/A Music Group" is the same owner of "Downtown Artists"

    His name is "Oren Rosenblum"

    Thanks Ben !

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    Martin (Thursday, 08 September 2016 02:56)

    I got the phone call today, so so glad I found this blog. Saved me quite a bit of money indeed.
    I was about to book a train down to London on the weekend from Newcastle.
    I appreciate everyone's posts, I nearly didn't find this!

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    ISISmember (Friday, 02 September 2016 01:38)

    the pricks just came at me with the same sales tactic or scam per say.. thanks again for this thread.. I believe we have to stand against it. its bad enough what musicians go through as a career then these fucks coming at us like this.. i should bomb that studio.. and all those jews with it.. they all from tel a viv.. failed band called "tree pit".. i will send my goons on those yids personally even though they aint taken my money yet then rap about how i brought them fuckers down.. mark my words. salute Ben.. the world needs you..

    these mans need more exposure and not the good type.. we are musicians the world listen to us for advice.. lets advise the world about how we gon take pork eating jews like this down... Musicians Unite

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    Melanie (Monday, 22 August 2016 20:26)

    I also auditioned 7 years ago Infront of Ian I was 15 at the time. I received a call the following day to say I had been successful and to come sign a contract then was told I had to pay £1200 towards touring costs, studio time and promotion costs. Told me I wouid make an album and they would fly me out to America to work in studios that the likes of beyonce, the Beatles etc have worked in!! Nasty people toying with peoples dreams

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    Ruin Ali (Sunday, 10 July 2016 14:36)

    Ben the guy I met at DA who offered me contract three years ago is now representing Olympus-music. I am sure he has changed his name too. They are offering same development package....

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    Ben (Tuesday, 28 June 2016 17:00)

    They are now called D/A Music group. So beware people. Same scam. Different name.

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    David Curran (Tuesday, 28 June 2016 11:56)

    They are now functioning as Olympus-music. Still advertising on gumtree still asking for 1500.

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    Bully bunter (Monday, 27 June 2016 21:31)

    Ian the guy who runs downtown is now posing as Daniel for Olympus music! Please put Olympus music in title too!!

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    Ben (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 23:38)


    For all those who have commented on this blog please email me your contact details to and for those commenting for the first time, please include your email address in the entry.

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    Tamara (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 22:58)

    Hi guys I've been working with D A Music for around a year. The recording side of things was fine but the management part has been non exsistent. I've got one song on iTunes that they've put on there for me but I want to end my contract with them asap.. Has anyone gotten to this stage? And if so will my iTunes account (made by them) be affected or deleted if I end my contract with them? I've spent over £3,000 with this conpany and I'm so shocked to hear about all of this, I just want out asap so they can't take any more money from me. Any help would be fab! Thanks in advance.

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    Rossella Trani (Thursday, 16 June 2016 00:54)

    Well said Ben (I want a man like this).
    My email is
    I have been auditioned and called two weeks later (they decided early!) by Josh, who emailed me about the payment:

    Hi Rossella,

    Good to speak just now.

    As explained, we are delighted to offer you a place on our artist development program. Congratulations!

    As explained:

    The first stage will be the recording / production of 2 of your original tracks - you'll have the producer, an engineer + access to professional musicians / lyricists (at no extra charge).

    We will need your £250 registration deposit to confirm you as an artist. You will then need to bring £120 for every session. Every session is 2 hours (You need about 3-5 sessions /track) The total will be £1810, so, no worries if you go over a bit. You can work at your pace (i.e. once a month or once every two months etc).

    For the second stage (1 1/2 years of management) we will pay for all the necessary activities (video promo, graphic design, coaching, PR, marketing, sales, etc) - and we will be taking a 20% commission on every deal we bring in worth over £500.

    If you are happy with the above:

    Send me a couple of dates that you would be able to come in for a studio session. I will then get back to you with a time, and ask Nicole in the office to give you a call to finalize your place.

    Look forward to working together!


    D/A Music Group

    I want to give my name for the petition.

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    M (Thursday, 09 June 2016 19:53)

    i made a mistake. Ian is not Nim haha

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    M (Thursday, 09 June 2016 18:33)

    Also, I believe this Ian guy is actually called Nim. And is part of a band called tree-pit that flopped a few years ago, hence the jealousy.

    Heres a link to who I think it is

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    Ben (Thursday, 09 June 2016 10:06)

    Hi M

    Yes please record your meeting and I'll upload it so prospective victims can hear the fraud.

    this blog has resulted in a collosal loss of prospective payments and for that I'm happy. Although I won't rest until this company disappears. Nobody lies to me to get my money and gets away with it. Like I said IAN! If you are being dishonest to me in any way, you will regret it. So they defrauded me of £900 and as a result you've lost at least 10 times that at a conservative estimate. Power to the people and down with the music industry snakes and fraudsters.


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    M (Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:56)

    ive had this call today, im happy to go and voice record my meeting with them.

    Use it as evidence?

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    David (Sunday, 22 May 2016 11:59)


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    Tam (Thursday, 12 May 2016 23:09)

    Thank you for this!!! Lifesaving! I was messaged on twitter today 12.5.16 by a Casting agent from and she asked me: "Hi, are you in the UK? I'm asking since one of my clients is auditioning singers in London very soon, if you can sing email me your number to ...... (-;" So I messaged back and gave my email and emailed her my email asking "What kind of singers are you looking for?" a few hours later I got a phone call from this company at 5.49pm and this lady rang me and rambled on about a lady and how she got my details and asked me about my singing experience and then my location and she was very keen and pushy and I didn't feel very comfortable with it. She was very much like go and check out our Facebook page I want to book you in for an audition this weekend and I said I was unsure as I'm not sure if I am free and she kept saying where do you live and it should be easy for you to get down here as your nearby and it will take you roughly an hour or so. Despite me saying I'm unsure if I can she booked me anyways saying Sunday at 2pm. I asked if there was anymore dates and times for auditions instead and she was like no, as there is other companies that use the studios like ITV etc I asked her a few times about this and she kept repeating herself. I also kept saying I wasn't sure and I wasn't really free and everything but she didn't seem to get the hint. Then I said can I bring my little sister along as she sings and she was like yes tell me about her, so I did. She was incredibly pushy, rushed me, and speedy, I had a gut feeling it isn't good. So she said she would phone me tomorrow to confirm and everything and email me details in 5/10mins. So I called her again an hour later and she said most of the above again and still had not heard from her. So I did some stalking of their social media channels and website everything and saw it was fine, then I asked a few of my friends.

    Then I asked my friend and she told me about her experience (the above) and she said this “Same logo, they tried conning me, you audition, then they call u the day after, let me ring you pls. And say they want you, but they want money, call me then in 30 mins tho, watching a film atm, they just tweet you, then ask u to come for an audition, you go and sing into a mic at a recording studio they say you are amazing but they are seeing lots of amazing people, so you may not get chosen (BUT you are chosen!!) they call u back the next day and ask you to sign some papers (THERES NO LONG CONTRACT THOUGH!) I asked for a contract to read (as they r usually 200 pages long) they didn't have one!! And on top of that they want around £1,500 to record you but all they are is a studio to record with NOT an agency that is going to make you famous - they are basically conning you!"

    I also found a bad review about them on Facebook "only found one bad review so far "Started off well but eventually fell apart. Oh well I own x2 great original songs, glad I left. This company have now disappeared, funny that!"

    I found they have a second twitter account and a second facebook page with a different name called Downtown artists?! Even though their website and social media is D/A music group. I strongly urge you to investigate this, its sad to know so many people have paid these people already thousands of pounds and have lost out. It needs investigating as what these people are doing is wrong and immoral. Especially to young aspiring talent and parents who want to get out there. My friend, after this bad experience she refuses to go out there and go for her dream and sing and perform because she so strict, careful and worried and doesn't want to end up in a bad situation. Luckily I have found out all of this, but so many people don't know and its important to tell them as well as all the other similar companies out there that are conning innocent people!

  • #69

    Gemma (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 11:47)

    I truly can't believe how much of a bullshit company D/A is.. I was supposed to audition today but while doing my research I stumbled upon this thread, no way am I gonna go. I'm just a bit worried because before knowing it was just a scam I had confirmed I would be there but I'll guess I'll just make up some bullshit excuse which they seem to excel at as well. I'm afraid to confront them about the scams because they have my phone number and email address and potential blackmailing worries me. Just knowing they have my contact details is enough for me that I don't want to create further problems. I wouldn't have hesitated to confront them had I not shared my privacy with them so I regret doing that.

    However, I'm sure there is a way to report them to someone so that they don't know who exactly is accusing them (and therefore cannot blackmail). For example I'm sure that the right people at powerful corporations such as Sony or the BBC could put an end to D/A? Also, is there a way to report them to the police? I think this thread and any texts or emails from D/A asking for money is enough evidence to close them down... Also it is probably possible to gather evidence from other (legit) recording studios and labels in the area that might be aware of D/A's scams.

    On another note, they state on their website ( that artists such as David Bowie and the Beatles have recorded in their studios. Do you think that is true? Lying about that would involve a hell of a lot of people what with the artists' team being able to sue D/A. Luckily for D/A and unluckily for the rest of us, David Bowie and the most part of the Beatles are no longer alive to provide confirmation that they have indeed recorded in their studios.

    This comes at a time when I'm completely lost in what I want with my life. I had always believed I could rely on music, and in a way truly believed that if people in the industry saw talent they would help them reach their career goals not just exploit them for their money. I knew scams existed in all other industries, especially modelling (check this page on how NOT to get scammed by fake modelling agencies - unfortunately I wasn't yet able to find the equivalent for the music industry) but I really had always thought that the music business cared about raw talent lol bullshit. This truly came as a slap in the face and a wake-up call for me. I will definitely be more cautious when 'noticed' by agencies.

    Please please if you are contacted by D/A do not jump right into it just for the sake of being 'signed' (because truly you are not)! Do not settle for them as they are worthless pieces of trash and you deserve much more attention and guidance than what they offer.. I didn't even go to the audition (and won't) but I see right through them thanks to all of your posts. This student from MidKent College ( auditioned and signed for D/A. Although he seems quite happy with his decision, he clearly fell right into D/A's scam as he states 'I was one of about 200 people invited for an interview with Downtown Artists but they only asked five of us back to record some tracks'. The same story again and again..

    Parents with children who are passionate about music, make sure they understand the RISKS of the music industry from the beginning. Although our own passions may blind us to some aspects of it that we wish were not true, crooks ARE OUT THERE. THIS IS NOT SOLELY ABOUT THEM STEALING YOUR MONEY. THEY WILL BOOST UP YOUR EGO ONLY TO CRUSH IT. I know I would much rather suffer myself than see my child suffer so before your child goes in for an audition or gives money to D/A, DO YOUR RESEARCH. IF after reading this post you decide to continue your affiliation with D/A you are completely entitled to do so. I am not judging you. But please, keep an eye open, and make sure that you only make this decision after doing thorough research - this is true for artists & parents (especially those of underage potential artists as it is your job to make sure that they do not get let down in the process of fulfilling their dreams).

    Please always follow your gut & spread the word. Good luck to you all.