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    Angela Taylor (Wednesday, 13 March 2024 23:48)

    My daughter recorded 2 songs with these guys, was promised everything finished her recordings expecting to start videos and promotion to be taken to a room to say got to shell out thousands more for that. Was just going to release waiting for them to do artwork then no response back from then after repeated emails this is 6 years ago now. Are they still on Berwick street does anyone have contact details? I just want my daughters track files

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    anon (Thursday, 23 March 2023 18:27) the owners have a band- they've since changed name (sounds familiar) to la nouvelle musique

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    Michael (Wednesday, 16 November 2022 12:36)

    I was “signed” to the formerly named Downtown Artists way back in 2011 - 2012. Completed 2 songs for them and I was promised photo shoots, promo campaigns and 1 music video. None of this materialised. My music was then stolen and is now 100% owned by them. My voice, my words, my melodies. I contacted them back in 2016 to say I planned to have the tracks reproduced from scratch and re-recorded but I needed my stems for reference. This was refused. The package cost a total of £1600.00. Not including the travel costs in and out of London. All I ended up with was a poxy CD with the 2 tracks on. Such a shame as they were both easily 2 of the best pieces I have ever wrote. Beware, you’ll be invited to audition, accepted, told the cost, asked to sign, then thrown away.

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    Laura (Sunday, 02 October 2022 21:10)

    So I also recorded two songs with then called Downtown Artists. Nothing ever really came from it and I was too given the same promises etc as you all I just forgot about it really and moved on. However I was shopping in Next at the beginning of this year and heard the song I had written myself and recorded playing in the shop. Its been years since I recorded with them. I mean I am sure Next haven't paid to get this music but still surely I should have been asked permission or something???

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    Elena Gruspierova (Thursday, 15 September 2022 13:36)

    I have been also scammed by them 4 years ago more than 2000£ �‍♂️My video didnt been realiesed Youtube Miss.E.G spotify perfect love anyway all my talent was waste �

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    Elena Gruspierova (Thursday, 15 September 2022 12:54)

    Hi letting know that i recorded there for 2 years they took somuch money i end up with music video which didnt been realiesed �‍♂️ they took around 1000£ for video i remember that even the guy whom filming me didnt get pay for so long make up artist didnt been paid atall uff �and more for every session they took 150£ ! very big dessipoitment �also iam only sigle mum trying to get somewhere Was very hard to pay in the end my all hard work has been waste + The amount money they took after i hear they dont Exist uff �� i would like to meet the people who end up there sime !Elena

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    Anon (Tuesday, 14 June 2022 18:01)

    Is there anyway we can all get compensation from this company? I was scammed as a 16 year old girl back in 2013 right up until 2015. I also paid £1600 for two songs but nothing ever came of it. Ian De Sylva constantly used my voice on his songs and told me I would be compensated but I never was. I was so naive.

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    Anon (Friday, 03 December 2021 22:41)

    I was hired as a freelance videographer / video editor for this company on a couple of occasions. At first they seemed pretty legit and paid quickly for my first job, perhaps to earn my trust. However, it was after the second job they tried to be long with the payment (not answering emails, phone calls etc) although they couldn't really get away with it as I watermark all my work.

    It wasn't too long before I figured out they were a bit dodgy, but it was then fully confirmed they were con artists when an artist I was meant to make a music video for, claimed they disappeared with his money which was about £1400 according to them, for the video (and I was supposed to earn only £500 from that - talk about an absolute rip off on the artist).

    It's strange as the woman I was dealing with seemed quite nice, you wouldn't of expected this kind of behavior from her and her partner, but I guess that's what makes it all the more evil. I remember I once found her personal Instagram, if anyone wants it I can try find it again and post it on here, presuming she still has it!

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    Sarah (Tuesday, 28 September 2021 16:56)

    The RS Artists agreement promised graphics, videos, whistles and bells. I received none of it. They have now stolen my stems and are refusing to respond to my email, disconnected all telephone numbers and once again changed information. I'm a sight impaired artist and put my trust in RS Artists to deliver. I have now found myself in a legal situation with them just to have my property returned which is worth roughly £2,000 (my master stems for 2 tracks). I am currently seeking legal advice and possibly drawing up a court case against them. I was informed by Ben (the Contractor) when asked for a direct contact for the company, to leave him out of it, had no response from Luis, the Producer I worked with when I requested my stems and so have had to report everything to the police and start drafting up court proceedings with a solicitor. I put a year of my life into these recordings travelling into London and out of London for each session for roughly a year which incurred travel costs.

    I have been in the recording business for very many years and as I am sight impaired and have struggled so much with finding the right network of people, trusting people to do a great job, promotion, making waves in a minefield of an industry, I put my trust in RS Artists to do this job for me and I was severely let down. I do not recommend this company to anybody. Finding separate Contractors, Producers in cheaper studios and taking all control is a lot better than going with RS Artists (or whatever name they are trading under now).

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    Elena (Saturday, 14 August 2021 21:42)

    What happened to R.S artist studio ???�I recorded for them previously! Do someone know please let me know Elena Gruspierova fb

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    Ryan mccarron (Sunday, 01 August 2021 07:03)

    Its esme elisse I used to sing for studio 2 year back .and I'm trying to get hold of Ben that worked for you guys if you can get back to me as Im needing my backing tracks and some advice on some studio time and sponsors for my music . Here is my email address

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    Gary Denty (Friday, 18 June 2021 14:31)

    I recorded 2 songs and they were produced when the company was Downtown Artists and now on Spotify & Utube. I did get royalties and then it stopped when the company changed their name. What I want to know is who is collecting my royalties now?????

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    Rachel (Wednesday, 05 May 2021 14:00)

    Here is some info that may help you.

    reed the work on or after 1 October 2015, you can say:

    “The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that services must be provided with reasonable care and skill.

    In my opinion, you did not use reasonable care and skill when you provided this service.

    I want you to fix the problem/give me a price reduction.”

    If they agree to re-do the service, arrange a date for it to be completed by. You’re legally entitled to have it done within a ‘reasonable time’. There are no exact rules for what a ‘reasonable time’ is, but you could try contacting similar service providers to get an idea of how long it should take.

    If you’re getting a discount, you’ll have to agree the amount with the trader. It’s a good idea to start by suggesting a figure and explaining why you think it’s reasonable, then take it from there.

    If you still haven't solved your problem

    There are other steps you can take to solve your problem - these include using ‘alternative dispute resolution’, which is a way of solving disagreements without going to court.

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    Rachel (Wednesday, 05 May 2021 13:47)

    Yes I was scammed £3000. I’ve tried emailing and calling nothing is happening. It’s all great telling our story but what are we actually going to do about it. I’m thinking of taking a trip to the studio. If anyone has any ideas please contact me on my email

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    Tonya (Sunday, 18 April 2021 12:47)

    I joined when they were RS artists, to be honest I told them I have no money, and he kinda said you can pay installments, I did pay a few sessions, didn't finish any songs, thankfully saw this before bothering to do anymore. They kept calling at first and I told them, stop calling cause I don't have any money, they did.. but I didn't know if they were fake or not although they seemed it. They changed producers twice while I was there, and they said they "lost" the USB hardrive the previous producer had my first song (almost finished) on when the first producer left. What's weird though is the producer is a REAL guy, he has top 5 best selling classical albums on spotify etc, he showed me, but he said "They haven't done your contract yet?" I said no, they never pushed me to sign it, I didn't and I'm glad cause I'd have maybe just signed and been stuck paying them the full amount but then I think they thought Id' just keep paying and then I don't know, they'd not be taken to court for not producing any results? The producers they hire are real producers who maybe don't know they're scammy. I genuinely think that. I don't know if the receptionists just need a job or they also are aware of the scam. But IAN, was the name of the guy who I auditioned with and agreed the program with, he never picked up a phone call or responded to a text after the first day and he had a beady look in his eye. So I'm glad I just saw this so I can just delete their info and forget about them, and I'm happy alot of your reviews say you've had success in music despite them. I've been scammed FULLY by modeling and talent agencies up to thousands of pounds before. Unless it's a well known ESTABLISHED company, just don't waste time. No upcoming agency is going to charge you when BIG COMPANIES DON'T! No proper agency that everyone knows, charges their talent, they take commissions only! So, why would a small company deserve/have earned your money without getting you any work first? Think this way, a real company, if they think you're going to sell and make them money, THEY WILL BUY YOU! as a product, they will PAY YOU, in advances or in studio time and pay for your recordings, marketing, EVERYTHING and then get money when YOU have earned aswell! No company charges to represent you.. stating in the contract " we don't gaurantee work" ://///// wtf is that. That's THE RED FLAG. These scams are EVER Growing because the loop hole "We can't gaurantee work" gets them off any accountability in court. There should be a business law around it to protect our money.. especially when the company, doesn't even offer you any real auditions afterwards or connect you with any ACTUAL business contacts :/ think about that. Unfortunately there is no law to protect us really, so you gotta make sure you don't pay on the spot.. and investigate FULLY! Ask around, check if anyone's ACTUALLY had work from them. If you CAN'T find previous clients of theirs to ask, then there are no clients mate.

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    Pkr (Saturday, 27 March 2021 17:42)

    Hey guys i travelled down to london to audition for this company called downtown artists back in 2015. They seemed pretty legit with there recording studio and then 2 days after the audition they told me i was the best out of 3 and that i needed to go down to london to sign a contract which requested me to pay £2000 to them. The guy td me that he was flying back to "Cali" and i needed to make a decision quick so the process was quite rushed. Anyways i never went through with it and im glad a didnt

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    Oluwaseyi Dada (Sunday, 21 March 2021 05:09)

    hi my name is Seyi, i recorded a song with you guys called “stronger Now” probably around 6 years ago when you had the name Downtown artist, i was wondering if you guys still have the MP3 of it? my Email is

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    Elena (Thursday, 11 March 2021 14:48)

    Hello Hi I have consirn about this Studio I payed somuch money for sessions for music video they done it my music video I payed Aronund 1000£ My music and the video wasn’t reliesed they put only one my song perfect love on Spotify the other song was coused me somuch energy money and time It’s never Been Relised ��what shall I Do thanks Elena-Miss.E.G artist

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    E (Friday, 26 July 2019 13:45)

    I’m going to complain about this company. Hopefully something will be done. They tried scamming me back in May 2018. Did the same procedure as you all and I was so naive I was going to open a credit card and pay these people. Thank goodness I saw this before I did something stupid.

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    Victim (Wednesday, 03 July 2019 16:27)

    Hi guys, in 2008 when they were called Play studios, I also got scammed. They called in a AR representative from Sony apparently to even set the scene that I was so close. Paid a fortune. Luckily this didn't throw me off as 12 years later, I became a teacher and now have a new summer song coming out with an celebrity rapper. I got scouted the right way. Check me out on @theriojai. Keep persevering guys

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    Anon (Friday, 31 May 2019 02:38)

    Are downtown downtownartists play soho RS artists all the same company that have changed their name? I auditioned last summer and the guy that runs the place is called Daniel seemed genuine however after paying the deposit a for my sessions I’ve come across this page I wish I’d seen it before hand as I now think it’s all a scam. Has anyone ever challenged them?

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    Anonymous (Thursday, 30 May 2019 10:14)

    I think they've changed their name again to gravity productions. This is really dodgy, why would you keep changing your name if you were a genuine brand or company.

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    Maeve (Wednesday, 29 May 2019 11:25)


    I have a question regarding RS Artists soho,I was until recently signed to them,however more recently i have had my doubts about the company and wheather it is genuine or not.I have read through a lot of these comments and everything points to it being a scam. Is someone able to clear this up for me please?

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    Ben (Saturday, 04 May 2019 03:17)

    Hi Aniah.

    This company IS downtown artists. They just keep changing their name every few months to throw people off the scent. Keep your money and invest in yourself. Not in these crooks.

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    Aniah (Friday, 03 May 2019 23:11)

    So i have an audition tomorrow and I’m gonna have to pay for 40 pounds transport to go all the way to London for an audition at rsteet music company and I have literally just found this OMG!!!!!!! Can someone explain?? I’m not gonna lie... 2 years ago there was another “open audition” a company called downtown artists and I know this because I’ve always wanted to sing and be successful in the media but it looks like you have to becareful for what you wish for... I also won’t be attending anymore :)

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    Trip (Friday, 19 April 2019 22:46)

    Thank God for these messages. I was being scammed the same way ... Good that I dint pay any money yet. However, I know the exact address the contact number and everything ... I feel like calling the police on these guys and exposing them ! Ugh !

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    Angie Niccals aka Nightmare Arcade (Thursday, 28 February 2019 22:54)

    I am gobsmacked . This bogus place did this to me when they were
    Known as Play Studios.
    Same audition, same pricing .
    At the time (and thank GOD I didn’t scrap them project , look me up as The Nightmare Arcade) I was famous on MySpace , even on the official Gorillaz Top 8. These guys said “oh , why are doing this ? If you want to be on our label , scrap the characters!” I had built up a following , performed in my hometown , even gave my CD album to the Gorillaz creators in PERSON, and these guys , sort of dismissed what I did. I was devastated so I went solo and kept the cartoon band project as it was online , because I had done already too much.
    They kept me for a while , recording songs etc: then , they changed their company name and then the people I recorded with , disappeared . Which meant I was dropped. I gained nothing from them. I’m angry , and I want my money back. I want to expose these guys.
    I’m glad I still have my project and my sanity left but , not my cash. I was just a kid, they took advantage of my naive and ignorance.

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    Josh (Wednesday, 20 February 2019 15:51)

    Be aware! Now their name is "Satellite Music". And they are even doing Instagram Ads.

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    Lucy (Friday, 25 January 2019 12:56)

    I did an audition with them and they said that they chose me out of loads of people so I signed the contract and paid them 370 pounds deposit and 120 pounds for a music session 2 months ago and I haven't heard from them since. I wrote a song and the producer Chris didn't like it so wanted me to come up with something else and all we did in the session was try and come up with lyrics and do some of the background track but no singing. So I want them to write me a song and do the music and I just go there to sing it but after seeing all of this I just want my money back but there not answering the phone!!

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    Katie (Sunday, 23 December 2018 00:15)

    I have just seen this after I recorded and wrote a song with downtown artists a few years ago I gave them so much mine and never kept the receipts they told me they worked with Simon cowell and that Keith lemon recorded though the key hole and Lemon LaVida loco audio therapy told me I was amazing and would go far and they auto tuned my voice a lot on the track I have the song and it’s on YouTube with really bad photos of me from a year ago. Don’t really know what to do now

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    Alex clowes (Wednesday, 28 November 2018 00:00)

    Thanks for the heads up everyone..�� can’t recomend my producer enough...James colah est 1989. Really good & fair rates.. really knows his musicians really need to stick together against these fake scammers ruining the music scene..

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    Deila (Monday, 26 November 2018 21:02)

    Thank you very very much, I was about to go to the audition, but thanks to you I changed my mind. I feel really bad right now, because I thought I was finally getting noticed. Maybe someone know how to start my career?
    Please email me some advice I would be really grateful.

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    Alicia (Saturday, 03 November 2018 03:01)

    I had my audition today and was told exactly the same thing. Upfront payment, 1900 contribution. Thank you thank you thank you for the heads up guys. If anyone know a legitimate company looking to help artists like us please email me on

    Big hug and good luck guys

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    Beth (Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:18)

    I searched for something like this before my audition and just did not see this - but it confirms absolutely everything I felt in my gut. Daniel was OVER complimentary and im sure he thinks i missed his eyes light up when I said this was my first experience of anything like this. The other warning sign was that he made a HUGE deal about how many people audition and how few are "chosen"... went through the instagram and don't get me wrong, the previously "selected" people are all good but I'm talking, VERY average good. Some without being mean are plain tone deaf which is upsetting as they have been given false hope for a dream that just wont happen. Looks for these guys on company check and they have had at least 5 companies dissolved with the same business plan. They're bread and butter is overcharging hopeful artists for mediocre songs and recordings that go absolutely no where. Do not do it.

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    Cooper (Wednesday, 17 October 2018 02:28)

    I have also been contacted by this company after auditioning and Daniel said he was interested in working with me. Said I had 1 day to pay the deposit (£370) which would come off the total price £1900. Was put off by the price and decided to research to see if they are actually a legit company. Glad I've seen this before wasting my time and money

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    Maz (Wednesday, 26 September 2018 22:18)

    I auditioned around a week ago, just got the call today telling me I was one of the chosen ones although I sensed it was a scam from the start . Part of me wanted to believe that there was hope. After seeing these posts it confirmed my suspicions and sobered me up.
    I will be telling ian/Daniel that I'm not coming to sign up.
    Now I'm furious that he tried to play me like that.

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    TIFF (Thursday, 20 September 2018 22:28)

    p.s. Ben, if you know good record studios that is really helping artists in London, can you please write to me at
    I don't want to be scammed again with false dreams... thanks in advance!

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    TIFF (Thursday, 20 September 2018 22:24)

    I thought they didn't picked me as there's a lot of artists in London..
    Today I got a call.after a week.
    "congratulations, we chose you as one of the artists".
    I was very happy, but they said that i have to pay 370 pounds upfront. That seemed weird, but i didn't think of nothing as they have an official RSartists http page, couldn't find anything suspicious, all reviews online was great.
    until i found This Article! jesus
    My family is struggling with money, thank god i read this.....
    disappointed... i really believed i have a future in the music industry... shame....
    Thank You, Ben, for warning me, all of us.

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    G (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 14:56)

    Entertainment industry* not agency lol

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    S (Saturday, 15 September 2018 18:42)

    What a shame. I am so glad that i listened to my friends words of caution. I love singing and music so much so any advice for a youngen to get into the inustry without selling her soul?

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    Ben (blog owner) (Monday, 25 June 2018 17:30)

    Ok so it’s been some time now since I posting this warning regarding this scam outfit. I lost count of how many times they’ve changed their name but be assured that the scam practice remains.
    Anyway as a great way to conclude this with the news that for the past year my daughter has been 1/3 of pop group M.O and their debut single Bad Vibe peaked at number 18 in the official charts. This followed her appearance on xfactor which she reached boot camp. Now she has been performing in various television shows such as BGMT, Blue Peter, BBC not to mention interviews and promotions on capital fm, kiss fm, bbc radio 1 and many more. She also performed at v festival, limf, tramlines festival, Nickelodeon slimefest. She performed in Ibiza and set to tour very soon. Without going into ALL the successes my daughter has gained because of her talent... let’s just say this has to be the ultimate proof that this company couldn’t spot talent if it landed on their mothers in a bright pink spaceship screaming Highway To Hell through a traffic cone. As for my daughters. Watch this space.

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    Newbie (Wednesday, 25 April 2018 00:54)

    Exact same thing happened to me, nearly word for word what people have discussed; they approached me on a performing site, asked for the money upfront, called the next day after the audition to say I was one of the 5 selected after 250 auditions this month.
    “Dan” told me he was managing director of the company RSArtists and that I would need to confirm my place within 24 hours. I said this feels all to rushed and pushy and I’ve never had to pay for my work before. Dan was taken aback when I said I wanted to know more about the company and that he hasn’t answered all my questions so it didn’t sound legit (before I even saw this thread!). Even after all this, he kept dodging questions and he told me to call him tomorrow to confirm my place or to come in to see them with the money. Nope.

  • #105 (Wednesday, 14 March 2018 20:21)

    Phew!! Thank God I found this site right on time. Exact same scma was about to happen to me and my gut feeling said , check them out under scam artist. And boom! what do we have, a whole exposé dating back to almost a decade! :)
    How is it that they're allowed to change their names and continue ii n their crimes? So sad really. Sorry to those who fell victims. They're supposed to get 370 from me this Friday, lol. I guess Daniel will have to wait until hell freezes over, lol.

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    curious (Saturday, 27 January 2018 11:49)

    ALSO! You still pay for studio/producers/A&R/Assistance etc. when you're signed, when you sign a contract say for 1 mill (like the big deals i.e. interscope, universal) this is a LOAN. You will need to pay it back through sales!

    Music industry is a lot like sales, you're selling yourself, your work etc. Everything make out of sales will go straight back to the label. It's not until you're really successful that you start seeing a penny.

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    curious (Saturday, 27 January 2018 11:45)

    Is this Ian guy, Ian De Sylva? A musician himself? I mean the only thing that really takes me back on their page is the lack of success, only 2 signed artists (who'm I've never heard of) & these campaigns they speak of? Where's the evidence for it?

    No label would charge however technically they don t promote themselves as a label as such but a development company. It's like this if you need help with funds you'd pay a financial advisor and there are some legit development companies that help artists like courses that you pay for however you wouldn't need to audition as you're paying for a service.

    1800 for TWO sessions at a studio? Come on people! This is why you need to look into other studios and see how much they charge and I can assure you it wouldn't be that much, I did work in Bristol at studios and some of these producers would charge 30-50 per session, some offer EP packages etc. If you have 1800 to pay these people then use that money to go studios for yourself.

    These people will go bust again as they've been dissolved before, they clearly don't understand scamming isn't a longterm business and money always runs out. They don't have the connections they make out because if they did they would be in business through those connections and making money off them rather than starving artists.

    This industry is full of devils, I mean truth is you can be scammed by big time labels themselves, look at artists like Rita Ora and def jam, Porcelain Black and red one, Brooke Candy, RCA. Although they had videos/music on iTunes they were held back in their careers.

    Prince says himself these contracts is signing up for slavery. A lot of artists are speaking out about the shadiness of the business. All a label is good for is funding for better quality production i.e. music/videos/promoshoots, connections to producers, promo. All these things you can do yourselves, there are many high calibre producers/sound engineers around if you dig hard enough.

    Don't let these ass holes drag you down, keep going! Think of all the artists who've made it that have had to go through the same things as this to get to where they are.

    God bless!

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    Anna (Thursday, 25 January 2018 23:29)

    Hi guys thank you so much for doing this. They make you feel really special and describe the deal to you as being amazing, and a really good deal. But its not. If a company believes in you they will fund you to do stuff then make money from the stuff you do instead of asking for money straight away. Thankfully i haven't put any money down and you guys on here rly saved me!!! Thank you!!

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    Lucina Luchii (Monday, 27 November 2017 15:13)

    Hi guys,

    Downtown have now changed there name to RS Artists, I can confirm this due to my music being broadcast-ed on there new website when i left earlier on this year, due to being messed around.

    I would suggest that unless you like chucking money away to not go with them!!!
    I am 18 and I feel like a right mug, I was first contacted by them in the summer of 2016 and I got my hopes up instantly, I was so happy that someone was finally listening to my music.

    However a year down the line I feel like a right mug! My parents money has gone down the drain and payed the wages of the people ripping us off!!
    However I did come out with 2 singles, Even though they where released (uncompleted) without my permission.
    I am still very proud of what I have produced, however I find it very cheeky they are still broadcasting my music on there website! I believe (Correct me if i'm wrong) that the contact would be voided if the company itself went bust?? Therefore they have no right to be displaying my music.

    If you go onto RS Artists you can clearly see my song being advertised (Lucina Luchii - Fly High) They are still making money off my songs... that I wrote and I haven't received a penny from them!

    Let me know what you think!


    Lucina Luchii

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    Oliver James (Wednesday, 25 October 2017 04:53)

    This is unbelievable the amounts of people this company has ripped off. I had the same experience in 2012-2013 after making 2 original tracks and I thought I got scammed badly at £1,500, but some of you have paid 2-3k for the same thing?! They obviously have no price on what they're willing to steal from you. This should be put a stop to once and for all! I feel sorry for the talented music producers who created fantastic tracks and then have to send you to Dexter or Katie Maccan or some other idiot who isn't good enough to help promote you. Yeah the truth is Katie Maccan is a shit singer who wasn't good enough, so she sits in the receptionist seat answering phone calls and emails feeling jealous of everyone, because she was never talented enough herself!!! And Dexter is the biggest flaw in the company creating cover art that a 5 year old could produce!

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    Karma. (Wednesday, 04 October 2017 04:40)

    Hello Ian. I know you are reading this. There shall be no peace for the wicked. I am coming for you. Look behind all the time.

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    voice of reason (Saturday, 09 September 2017 22:23)


    D/A (formerly Downtown artists, formerly play studios) and now the NEW NAME Regent Street artists.

    I Know a few of the featured artists you see on their site and can confirm none of them are wealthy. those kids worked hard to get their money to pay for the studios and got the exact same form of disrespect. NONE of those artists work with them anymore, they simply keep the names and faces as a back up for their money making scam.

    sure they provide the experience of recording professionally and having two songs but they do NOTHING to promote, nothing to elevate or develop artists. they just take money and let them use their studios. once the music is done they never heard from downtown again. try chasing them and they ignore emails/calls especially when they've received all the money...

    find an independent producer or just a recording studio and develop yourself. theres youtube, Soundcloud social media. market yourself don't pay these people not to do it for you...